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To make things as simple, personal and fair as possible, we process entries as soon as they come in, we will close programmes as soon as we have sufficient applications to fill our roles so it's worth submitting your application as soon as possible

If you're not seeing a programme that's right for you, why not visit our main job board There are plenty of positions available in a wide range of areas, so if you're ready to start an incredible career, we have room for you to grow.

Finance Programme
Risk Programme
Internal Audit
Human Resources Programme
UK Banking Programme
Technology and Operations Programme
Corporate and Commercial Banking Programme
Marketing Programme
Technology and Operations Programme
Finance Programme
Risk Programme
Human Resources Programme
Internal Audit
UK Banking Programme
Marketing Programme
Corporate & Commercial Banking & Global Corporate Banking Programme
Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship

Selection Process

So you’re excited about working for us and ready to apply. It’s a good time to find out more about our selection process and what you can expect, and prepare for, at every stage.

Frequently asked questions

Deciding where and how to start your career can be a daunting task. The Santander Early in Careers team are here to put your mind at ease and answer your questions relating to an application with us.

Application Process
Offer and Joining
When is the deadline for online applications?

This varies across the different schemes. We encourage you to get your application in as soon as possible as we process applications in the order they come in, so it’s worth getting yours in quickly, especially as closing dates do sometimes change.

Can I apply for more than one scheme at a time?

Yes, you can specify your first, second and third choice on your online application form (however, to tailor your application effectively, you may want to focus on just one or two different schemes).

What happens after I’ve submitted my application form?

We’ll be in touch in due course to let you know if you’ve reached the next stage of the process. Please keep an eye on your emails (please review your junk folder just in case!), as this is how we’ll contact you.

How can I practise for the online numerical tests?

The BBC Bitesize GCSE maths test is good preparation. Our assessment specialists SHL also provide example tests featuring practice questions. It’s best to set aside some time to do this, so you don’t feel under pressure.

What happens if my SHL link expires?

It’s important that you take the test before the deadline. We can only re-set the test in exceptional circumstances (you will have to contact us via telephone).

I have a telephone interview – how can I prepare for it?

Once your interview is confirmed, we’ll send you some guidance. It’s important to remember the interview is not intended to catch you out. We want you to perform the best you can, so please make sure that you’re familiar with the detail you put on your application form. It’s also a good idea to do some of your own research into Santander.

What are your assessment centres like?

The exact format and structure of our assessment centres vary, but we always keep the numbers limited. There’s certainly no need to be nervous. We like to give you a wide variety of activities, and the best possible chance to shine on the day.

What should I do if I need to rearrange my interview or assessment centre?

You will need to get in touch with us by telephone. You’ll find the relevant number/s on any correspondence we send you.

Will you pay my expenses if I come to an assessment centre?

Yes, we’ll reimburse your travel expenses up to the first £50. Make sure you keep all of your original receipts so you can claim your money back.

If my application was unsuccessful, how long should I wait before reapplying?

Please wait six months for our Apprentice schemes. We only run our graduate schemes on an annual basis, so you will have to wait a year (although you’re welcome to apply for other non early in career vacancies with Santander after six months).

If I have previously applied, how can I submit a new application?

You’ll need to apply again via this website (you will need to complete a new and updated application form).

If I do not achieve a 2.1, will my offer still be valid?

Regrettably not. However you may want to consider non graduate-scheme roles.

If I am successful will you pay relocation expenses?

We do not normally pay relocation expenses.

Am I guaranteed a job at the end of the scheme?

There will be lots of opportunities open to you once you’ve completed your scheme.  While we can’t guarantee a permanent job, we will carefully explore all the different career options with you.

If I do join permanently after my scheme, what level will I start at?

That depends on the exact job you take and the division you join. Salaries also vary depending on the specific role.

Can I defer my offer?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to defer.

What hours will I be expected to work?

Our contracts usually specify 35 hours per week, but this can vary depending on the scheme.

What benefits will I receive?

This varies depending on your scheme – the main benefits are all detailed on our rewards page.

How many days holiday will I have?

20 days (plus bank holidays) is the minimum holiday allowance for apprentices and graduates. Depending on your specific location and business areas this figure could be higher. Even as an intern, you accrue holiday.

Do I need to open a bank account with Santander UK?

You don’t need a Santander UK bank account to apply. But if you’re successful, we’ll open an account to pay your salary into when you join.

Do I need a National Insurance number?

Yes. You’ll need a National Insurance number in order to be paid. Please make sure you apply as soon as possible for this.

Do you accept General Studies (A-level) as a subject?

Unfortunately we do not take into account General Studies when calculating your total UCAS points.

What is the salary for each programme?

Your starting salary will depend on which programme you join us on. 

I’m applying to several other organisations. Does this matter?

Not at all. However, if you do accept an offer elsewhere, please let us know so we can withdraw you from our processes. We’d also love to hear where you are going and to get your feedback on Santander.

Will I be sponsored for professional qualifications on the graduate scheme?

This depends on the specific scheme. You’ll find this info on the relevant scheme pages.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us by emailing any enquiries or questions to

What are the qualifying criteria for each scheme?

To join us as an apprentice, you’ll need at least two GCSEs at grades A to C including maths and English or equivalent.

Interns have to be in the second year of university and on course for a 2:1 degree. 280 UCAS points are also required.

For graduate schemes, you need at least 280 UCAS points and a 2:1 degree. Check the specific scheme pages to see which degree subjects are eligible.

Is there an age limit?

There’s no age limit to apply for one of our programmes. Opportunities are open to anyone who demonstrates the right motivation, interpersonal skills and intellectual capability.

What if I have a disability?

Just let us know if you need any additional help at any stage in the selection process. You can do so by contacting us at

Does having a disability affect my application?

Absolutely not. You’ll only be judged against your aptitude and skills to do the job, irrespective of gender, age, disability, race, religion & belief or sexual orientation. It makes good business sense to attract and retain talented people and develop them to their full potential.

Will I be able to explain any extenuating circumstances affecting my application?

Yes, you can tell us about these on your application form.

I need a work permit; can Santander arrange this for me?

One of our main requirements is eligibility to work in the UK when you start work with us. That means you are responsible for obtaining a work permit.

I need permission to work in the UK, can Santander sponsor me?

Anyone is welcome to apply for Santander’s schemes. However, in order to participate in any of these schemes, you will need to have permission to work in the UK. Santander does not sponsor candidates for its intern, apprentice and work experience schemes and you will need to obtain the appropriate type of visa yourself.

Acceptable forms of visa which you may have include:
Tier 1 (post-study work)
Tier 4 (currently studying a Bachelor level course or above in the UK)
Tier 5 (temporary workers) Government Authorised Exchange

Santander is able to sponsor tier 2 visas for international applicants who successfully apply for graduate positions, subject to compliance with the labour market resident test (where applicable) and compliance with any applicable criteria set out in the UK’s Immigration Rules. In particular, the applicant will need to satisfy minimum English language requirements and the graduate role will need to be level NQF 6 or above and paid a minimum salary compliant with the Standard Occupational Classification code minimum (set out in Appendix J of the Immigration Rules).

Further information on the UK’s Immigration Rules can be found at